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Irish Wolfhounds


Our top priority are to our puppy's health and wellness. All of our puppies are kept with the dam until  eight to twelve weeks of age and are socialized in a controlled environment. Our puppies receive their first immunizations by a licensed veterinary technician at 7 weeks of age against parvo virus, adeno virus, distemper, and parainfluenza. This is the distemper/parvo combination vaccine. Our puppies should receive boosters for this vaccine by a veterinarian every 3-4 weeks until they are 18-20 weeks of age. It is extremely important ending the last booster within this time frame to ensure no interference with the maternal antibodies. Our puppies are not to be to public dog areas until fully vaccinated, 2 weeks after their last booster.  Parvo Virus is very common in our and many other areas and it is required to booster this combination vaccine yearly following the puppy series.  Depending on environment, other preventative medicine including heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, and other vaccines as needed. 



All of our puppies have had a physical examination by a licensed veterinarian with a clean bill of health. Breeder is to not to be held accountable for any and all injuries encountered when we are not in said care. It is the new owner's responsibility for the care of their hound and all measures are to be taken to insure good health of their puppy. We request all puppies do not visit public parks and/or public places where contagious diseases may be present until the puppy has received their entire series of vaccines. Any contagious diseases take 7-10 days to build an immune response, meaning any diseases contracted 10 or more days after leaving the breeder's care is at fault of the new owner. Mount Olympus is in good standing with AKC and will not tolerate mistreatment or neglect of any of out offspring. If any of our offspring are found in a shelter or in emergency vet care due to neglect or mistreatment, we reserve the right to litigation. 

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